Small Business & Sole Trader Tax Returns

Small Business & Sole Trader Tax Returns

Do you need a tax accountant to help complete your small business or sole trader tax return? At WDS Business Group we help sole traders and small businesses fulfill their tax obligations with high precision and simultaneously achieving the best possible outcome.

We understand that preparing your sole trader tax return can potentially be a daunting task. Where does one start and what information is required to achieve the optimum result for your tax return. We can answer all your tax and small business related questions.

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    Sole Trader Tax Accountant Services

    Throughout the financial year, we understand you’re busy operating your business, and the paperwork just amazingly builds up, before you know  it, it’s tax time. So, what do you do about it? Who do you call to help you achieve the best tax outcome for your sole trader tax return?

    Call WDS Business Group professional accountant to help you prepare your tax return successfully.

    Sole Trader Bookkeeping Services

    A professional bookkeeper is like a life-line for small businesses and sole traders.  We can help you with setting up a good internal bookkeeping system that will allow you to  seamlessly prepare your tax return come year end, and to also receive valuable financial insights into the business operation.  This will in turn give you the ability to make informed  and timely business decisions.

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    Tax Accountant Services for Sole Traders & Small Businesses

    Bricklayer Tax Return


    Tax Return for bricklayers and builders.


    Tax Return for Carpenters and Builders.
    Tax Returns For Mechanics


    Tax Return For Mechanics and Professional Auto Repairs.
    Painters Tax Return


    Tax Return for Painters and Plasterers.

    Sole Trader Tax Returns Price Guide*


    - Personal Tax Return
    - Sole Trader Schedule

    * No Financial Statement Required
    * You do your own bookkeeping and provide us with the P&L and Balance sheet

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    Sole trader Tax Return Accountants

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    Small Business & Sole Trader Tax Returns

    As a small business you may be able to access a range of concessions, such as:

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