Cryptocurrency Tax Services

Cryptocurrency Tax Services

Helping you to make more informed decisions about your cryptocurrency investments and cryptocurrency tax obligations.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) considers cryptocurrency as an asset for capital gains tax purposes.

WDS Business Group accountants are able to assist you with your local tax and business advisory issues in relation to cryptocurrency.

If you have any cryptocurrency and need help in realising what your tax obligations are then contact us to arrange for a one-on-one appointment.

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    Holding, Selling or Trading Crypto Currency?

    Whether you are holding onto crypto, selling it or sending it out to another as a gift or simply investing it then you need to see a cryptocurrency tax professional to show you the best way to handle your tax situation.

    The tax rates change depending on the nature and purpose of the way you use, convert or dispose of your cryptocurrency.

    There are many different situations how a cryptocurrency owner uses crypto:

    • Is it part of a business in which you carry out?
    • How does a digital wallet affect your situation?
    • Is your cryptocurrency a personal use asset?
    • Are you just trading between different crypto’s?
    • How does trading cryptocurrency changes your situation from one starting out as a personal use asset to becoming a non-personal use asset?
    • And other cryptocurrency related uses.

    Crypto Currency Tax Obligation

    The world of crypto currency tax obligations are complex and can change due to it being a new form of money and asset exchange. For this reason alone, this is why an crypto currency owner would need a tax accounting company with expertise in crypto currency tax requirements to legally help in minimising tax returns.

    Read our news story about the different crypto currency scenarios that explains how crypto currency usage can change the way tax returns are prepared.

    If you require expert crypto currency tax advice then get on the phone and give us a call or submit an enquiry for us to call you back.

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    How's crypto currency taxed?

    Cryptocurrency tax return:

    • We help prepare and lodge tax returns for Australian cryptocurrency investors, traders and minors.
    • Tax Returns filled with expert cryptocurrency tax accountants.
    • Declaring your cryptocurrency for tax purposes.
    • There are many tax categories for different uses of cryptocurrency.

    Get in touch with us for all crypto currency tax returns.


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    Crypto Currency Investment

    Your tax situation changes according to the purpose you would use your cryptocurrency. Situations like holding on to your cryptocurrency in your digital wallet, trading crypto, paying with crypto money or any combination has different affects on your total assets and tax obligations.

    Can it be taxable?

    • Crypto to crypto trading.
    • Hodlers.
    • Investing in cryptocurrency.
    • Paying with Cryptocurrency.
    • Gains you’ve made with crypto sales.
    • Crypto for personal use or for business?

    Crypto Currency For Business

    Crypto currency is a new emerging technology to do business and it is fashioning the way people all over the world are using it as another form of receiving and paying for goods and services.

    • How do businesses use and accept cryptocurrency ub their business?
    • Cryptocurrency issues surrounding employer and employee cryptocurrency usage and payment.
    • Getting paid in cryptocurrency and so forth.

    Contact us and let us help you out with all your cryptocurrency tax situation and what needs to be prepared for tax returns.

    Are you located in these areas? Please call for an appointment today.

    Cyrypto Income Tax Returns

    Cyrptocurrency Income Tax Return Accountants

    Here at WDS Business Group we excel in assisting individuals with the preparation of their personal income tax returns

    Get in touch with us to lodge your individual income tax return together with your cryptocurrency income tax.

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