2021 Business New Year Planning Tips

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Make the next 12 months more profitable and productive with these tips for business New Year planning.

  • List out the three most important goals and critical ‘big picture’ accomplishments that you want for your business. Identify WHAT, HOW, and WHEN will you do the steps to achieve these.
  • Evaluate what still works and what no longer works for your business. Don’t be afraid to try out something new, perhaps even what seems risky.
  • Set monthly metrics and quarterly goal-planning reviews instead of thinking of the year as a whole. Measure results and adjust the dials on your business plan every 3 months while keeping a close eye on results every month.
  • Don’t do it alone. Be open to suggestions from your partners, business advisor, accountant, and the rest of your team.
  • Write down your personal and professional development goals as well.

Entering into the new year with all the uncertainties ahead and the pandemic still going on can be scary. However, it is important to remember that a bend in the road is never fatal unless you fail to turn. So take a deep breath and relax– you got this!

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